Korghos Khul: Mighty Lord of Khorne


So I’ll start this post off with saying that after painting this model I’ve decided that I’m going to Paint all the Bloodbound models from the set first. I’m so used to painting gold from painting my Ultramarines,  and the Stormcast are very gold…so it was a really nice feeling getting my hands dirty with some colors I’m not all that used to painting. I really like how the brass armor came out, I’m never a fan of using silver to highlight gold because I always seem to screw it up, but this looks pretty good. I love his skull helmet, very striking and I just can’t get over how cool it is that he has a chained flesh hound as an attack dog. I’m also very pleased with how his cape came out, I felt the highlights were very clean(I’m not always that good with those).

All in all I was itching to paint this guy, and as happy as I am to have finished him I’m sad that hes done…So I’ll definitely be painting a lot of red going forward to scratch that itch. Blood for the Blood God!


What I’ve been up to

So, With the new Eldar release I’ve gone full swing into the new codex. I’ve finally finished my squad of dire avengers that I’ve been procrastinating on. Although they aren’t all based… But they are painted…  I’ve also started adding the Eldar vehicle upgrades to my tanks… You can see the crystal targeting matrix and the holofields on this Falcon! And I’m currently working on my seer council (or warlock council).

On the chaos Front I also finished my New Heldrake!

I’m also working with a new set up to enable me to take photos on the fly!

Blood For the Blood GOD!!!!!!

Well, This is going to be a Combi-post. I finished my Khorne Berserkers. But, I also finished a little project that I had been procrastinating on for quite a long time. That being my Khorne Lord on Juggernaut. I know he’s not Death Guard at all, but hey, the rules let me have him. I gave him a daemon weapon(bloodfeeder) which gives him 2D6 extra attacks, which is awesome, as long as I don’t roll a one. And Even on the Juggernaut he counts as infantry and an independent character so he cant be picked out of a squad. So I think he has a good chance of getting in to combat with his crap load of power weapon attacks(at S5 BTW). So I guess I’ll see how he does in a real game…

Death Guard Progress

So I decided to do a little, (Ok, not so little) post of the progress I’ve made on my Death Guard army over the past few weeks. I’ve painted more decaying green colors in that past few weeks than I ever thought I would in a lifetime. I think I’ve done about 25-30 Marines, 5 Raptors, 3 Obliterators, A Rhino, My Daemon Prince, and a terminator Lord. And I still have 5 terminators to do( When forge world decides to actually ship my death guard terminator upgrades). So, This is just a selection of the models I’ve painted recently.(And some not so recently) Some group shots and some close ups of ones I am particularly fond of. Hope you enjoy.


Death Guard Raptors

So I finished my Raptors today after working on them for about a week. Overall I’m happy with how they came out. I can definitely say that if I didn’t play a Death Guard army I would be very upset with Finecast. There were air holes and deformities all over these models. But luckily for me That kind of works in my favor as Death Guard armor doesn’t always look so pristine. So a few defects just added a bit of character to these models but I would have been very disappointed if I played a different army.


Necrons and Chaos Face off

And how true that was. So last Saturday I played a great game with my cousin Dave. He brought his Necrons, and I played my Death Guard.  It was a small game, only 1000 points. Kill point mission.

I learned one important thing in this game, and that was those buggers keep getting back up! Dave had a 15 man warrior squad that had, over the course of 2 turns reanimate 14 warriors! I basically had to kill that squad twice! If I have any advice when it comes to facing Necrons, it’s “Make sure you have enough punch to take out the whole unit, or half of them are probably going to get back up”.

All in all it was pretty even all the way through the game. My memory is a little fuzzy I believe it went to turn 6, but I’m not sure. It did end in a draw though. The highlight for me was that my Daemon Prince finally got his revenge on Dave. He has taunted my poor Daemon Prince for years now. And he has finally got his revenge for being disgraced by Daves pathetic tau commander… yes Dave, I said pathetic! And now papa Nurgle laughs at the demise of your Necron overlord!  A bit much??? Anyway, It was just nice not to lose. And I look forward to facing Daves Necrons again soon. Heres Some shots from the game. I was going to do a video battle report, but who has the time for that??? So you get pictures.
















Procrastination: To defer action; delay

So, I finally finished the bikes that I was working on for my Freeboota Challenge. I really lost steam when I got to the last Bike. I really had no desire to paint one more Chaos model… I know that’s really lazy of me, but eh, oh well. I’ve really been wanting to paint my Grey Knights lately.

Anyway, back to the bikes. I’ll try to post a better Picture of them tomorrow, but I’m not doing it right now because I really don’t feel like getting out my photo booth lol. I’ll blame it on the heat. Besides that, I am pretty happy with how they came out.  I especially like the Aspiring Champion with the Mutated arm/Chainsword. I used the same technique I have been using with all my death guard models. It’s simple fast and looks good.

So needless to say I’m happy I can say they are done. You probably wont see much Chaos progress in the near future, I’m a little burnt out of painting the same thing over and over…For now. I will revisit them at some point. So look forward to lots of Grey Knights and Eldar coming soon.