A little change of plans…

So, with the New space marines codex right around the corner and all the buzz around it, it’s made me want to have a little change of heart… Now you may remember that I mentioned I had 30 to 40 space marines that I was going to paint up as Dark Angels…Well I do have those marines But I think I’m actually going to use them for their originally intended purpose… That being becoming Ultramarines. I had started painting a small force of Ultramarines around a year ago, but never really did anything with them. Then, I had the idea to just go on ebay and buy a few Tactical squads from the AOBR set seeing as they are a 1/4 of the price of a tactical squad boxed set, and in my personal opinion, look pretty damn good. Now I know they aren’t very diverse in pose, and if you look close enough, you can definitely tell they are one piece casts, but I still like the stoic forward facing stances they are in. And when you want to make an army on a budget they are the perfect choice. Although, there was one (I emphasize “was”) issue I had with these sets. That being that the sergeant was posed very bland and of course all four squads would have the same sergeant… That’s not very good when it comes to “forging the narrative” and despite the the rest of the squads looking very similar, I wanted the sergeants to have their own flair if you will. So with that said, Here is what I did. With a little Drilling, cutting and filing, I came up with these solutions, I think they came out fantastic, you can almost not even tell they are the same basic miniature.


He has Returned!

My Dreadnought Is Complete. Looking pretty great too if I might say. I really wasn’t sure how the bleached bone would look. (yes I still have bleached bane, and I’m really hoping the new equivalent paint is similar enough so my future minis don’t look out of place. ) Anyway… Like I said, Dreadnought looking good. Now there is one thing I would like to point out about this model is the under slung stormbolter. I really like how the red stands out and pops against the bone color. I almost wish there was more red on the model, just because it looks so cool. All in all, this didn’t take me all that much time despite painstakingly painting on the bone color over the washed stone color. I think this was good practice for painting the terminators I’ll be working on shortly. So look for those to come soon.

The Lion’s Finest!- And what’s to come

I finally finished My squad of Dark Angels last night. These were definitely labor intensive… But totally worth the effort. And now 20-30 or so to go…  But for the next squads I’ll be using the AOBR marines as I have 2 or 3 squads of those laying around. These are a great way to get a decent Marine army up to size. Currently for my Dark Angels force, I have 3-4 squads of marines, a Dreadnought (AOBR), 3 bikes, 5 terminators(DV), the Captain and Librarian(DV) and a squad of old metal scouts. I’m thinking of getting a predator at some point to add to it, but I have a lot to go before then…


I have also included a photo if the Dread I’m working on, I’ve been painting it while the marines were drying between washes and layers… So It’s actually almost complete.  I’ve added  a bit of Dark Angels flair to it and Magnetized the right arm So I can have multiple weapon options, Right now I’m arming it with an Assault Cannon. I might even post the completed project up later today… But we’ll see…

Vyper Completed

Finished my Vyper the other day, And then decided to go back to it and revamp it a bit. Turns out the original scheme I went for was just too dark, and didn’t really match the army. I Originally wanted it to look more like my Jetbikes which are mostly enchanted blue, with hints of Ice blue, basically the opposite of the rest of the army(with the exception of the vehicles.) But when I finished it the enchanted blue just didn’t make it stick out enough. Way too dark and bland. So today I worked on it a bit to make it pop out more. This time I followed the same scheme as the one I use for my vehicles(after all the Vyper is a vehicle). And I really think it paid off. The ice blue cockpit and wings really make it stand out more. I’ve included pictures of before and after to show the difference.



Vyper Conversion

So I ended up buying an Eldar Vyper jetbike last week. I’ve always thought that this model was pretty cool, but never got around to getting one. I’d really like to get a couple more to make it a squadron but all in good time. This post is going to be about how I replaced the Shuriken Catapults with a Shuriken Cannon.  I used a similar technique as I used when I added a cannon to one of my jetbikes but this time instead of using a cannon from the guardian/wraithlord kit, I used one from the forge world vehicle upgrades.


It was a bit tricky as I really didn’t put much thought into it at first. It turned out to be fairly easy though. On one side, I cut the the catapult off completely. I filed the front and the bottom down to fit the cannon. I then also had to cut a portion of the rib cage like structure on the bottom out to fit the ammo feed portion of the cannon. I used a little green stuff as a gap filler to lower the cannon a bit after I realized it was not going to sit low enough. On the opposite side, I cut the tip of the cannon off and added the targeting probe thing that comes with the forgeworld cannon to the tip.  I left the canopy, the top structure and the rear gunner unglued for painting purposes. (Thats something I have to do more often with my models because it makes it very difficult to paint some models when its entirely glued together…) All in all I think it came out pretty seamless. I think when its painted up it will look very menacing.