He has Returned!

My Dreadnought Is Complete. Looking pretty great too if I might say. I really wasn’t sure how the bleached bone would look. (yes I still have bleached bane, and I’m really hoping the new equivalent paint is similar enough so my future minis don’t look out of place. ) Anyway… Like I said, Dreadnought looking good. Now there is one thing I would like to point out about this model is the under slung stormbolter. I really like how the red stands out and pops against the bone color. I almost wish there was more red on the model, just because it looks so cool. All in all, this didn’t take me all that much time despite painstakingly painting on the bone color over the washed stone color. I think this was good practice for painting the terminators I’ll be working on shortly. So look for those to come soon.


The Lion’s Finest!- And what’s to come

I finally finished My squad of Dark Angels last night. These were definitely labor intensive… But totally worth the effort. And now 20-30 or so to go…  But for the next squads I’ll be using the AOBR marines as I have 2 or 3 squads of those laying around. These are a great way to get a decent Marine army up to size. Currently for my Dark Angels force, I have 3-4 squads of marines, a Dreadnought (AOBR), 3 bikes, 5 terminators(DV), the Captain and Librarian(DV) and a squad of old metal scouts. I’m thinking of getting a predator at some point to add to it, but I have a lot to go before then…


I have also included a photo if the Dread I’m working on, I’ve been painting it while the marines were drying between washes and layers… So It’s actually almost complete.  I’ve added  a bit of Dark Angels flair to it and Magnetized the right arm So I can have multiple weapon options, Right now I’m arming it with an Assault Cannon. I might even post the completed project up later today… But we’ll see…

And now the pictures

Not much to add here, Please refer back to the previous post for more info… I’m out of work, I Ate some dinner, and now I give you pictures! ( Yes I am aware the Marines aren’t based yet. I cant decide whether to scrape off the base on the captain and do a ruined city base on all of them, or just go with my normal grass and stones… Still have to think about that….)


Decent of Angels. My Dark Angels are on their way!


So after we got back from camping this past Sunday, and after a quick nap to recover from all the alcohol consumption , I started work on my dark vengeance set. I had painted up the captain earlier in the week and I wasn’t thrilled with how he came out… The green was just too dark. So with the regular marines I started on Sunday I changed up the scheme a bit to lighten it up. I originally had just done a basecoat of caliban green and then a hard line highlight of a very light green( I don’t have the pot in front of me right now) then I washed it with beil tan green. It wasn’t horrible but just too dark. So with the new marines I decided to add a step. What I did was add a drybrush of another mid tone green after the base coat and before the highlight. This worked out great. Not only does it point out the highlights but lightens up the finished model too. I think it really makes the green stand out instead of being dull and dark. These marines are coming along pretty good. I e completed 3 so far and the take about an hour each… Im Working on a plan to work on more than one at a time, kinda like an assembly line sort of thin to make them come together quicker. I have about 40-50 marines to paint so the faster I can get them done the better. The ones Im really worried about are the terminators… that bone color is going to be a bitch. but i have some old crappy termies hanging around that i can practice on so i dont screw up the nice new ones that come in the set.I’ll post pictures o the completed marines and captain tonight when I get home.