Procrastination: To defer action; delay

So, I finally finished the bikes that I was working on for my Freeboota Challenge. I really lost steam when I got to the last Bike. I really had no desire to paint one more Chaos model… I know that’s really lazy of me, but eh, oh well. I’ve really been wanting to paint my Grey Knights lately.

Anyway, back to the bikes. I’ll try to post a better Picture of them tomorrow, but I’m not doing it right now because I really don’t feel like getting out my photo booth lol. I’ll blame it on the heat. Besides that, I am pretty happy with how they came out.  I especially like the Aspiring Champion with the Mutated arm/Chainsword. I used the same technique I have been using with all my death guard models. It’s simple fast and looks good.

So needless to say I’m happy I can say they are done. You probably wont see much Chaos progress in the near future, I’m a little burnt out of painting the same thing over and over…For now. I will revisit them at some point. So look forward to lots of Grey Knights and Eldar coming soon.


July Freeboota Challenge Begins!

So I got quite a bit of time to work on my Freeboota challenge for July today. This month we are supposed to complete a fast attack choice. So Because I unfortunately am still awaiting my Finecast Raptors, (That are out of stock from GW) I had to choose My Chaos Bikers. Now it’s not like I don’t like these guys, but I really wanted the Raptors… Oh well, can’t always get what ya want.

So to the painting. I’m doing these just like I have done the rest of the army, dark gross and green. I’ve been thinking of getting more of these guys and running them in a larger unit. I think it can be a great distraction unit and it has some good tank popping skills if I give one or two a melta gun. Also If I give them the mark of Nurgle they are T 6 which is pretty tough to kill.

Nurgle Predator Finale

Well folks! It’s finally done. Unfortunately 2 days after the deadline for winning gold in the Freeboota Motivational Challenge. But hey, Silver is ok… Hope you like it!

Oh and an added extra. The new Predator along side my other Nurgle Themed Vehicles!

Nurgle Predator Part 4

Well, this (I hope) is the second to last post about my Nurgle Predator. I am extremely happy with how it is coming. The Pics I’m posting were from yesterday that I was too lazy to post then. So I’m posting them now. I worked a lot on the turret and gunner. Also I worked on the the little lights. Those I’m not too impressed with myself with. I think I could have been done better, but I’m not redoing them because honestly, I just don’t care. They look good but not great. But oh well…  So I used the same techniques with previous parts so there is not much to say. And the Next Post will Just be a final Shot and a brief note.  Let me know what you think.

Nurgle Predator Part 3

So I got a chance to work on my predator again today. Probably should have worked on it more yesterday, but Sleep got the best of me. Hey, nobody’s perfect. But anyway, I had a change of heart while working on this. I decided to highlight the boils with “Bleached Bone”, and then follow that up with a wash of “Baal Red”.

I wanted to give it a look that was even more diseased, and gross.

So I then Started working on the metal parts of the model. I used “Boltgun Metal” as a basecoat for these areas. That was followed by a wash of “Badab Black”, and then a wash of “Devlan Mud”. This way The spikes and Tracks look rusted and old. As a Nurgle model should.

I also Worked on the Skulls by highlighting them with bleached bone and rewashing them with Ogryn Flesh. I think this added a much more bone color to them. I was also able to work a bit on the gold aspects of the tank. Those parts were base coated “Tin Bitz” and then followed by “Dwarf Bronze”. I then washed that with Devlan Mud. That darkened up the highlights of dwarf bronze. The whole idea I have behind this technique is to give the model a very old and rotted and rusted look. And I think I’m accomplishing that. So with that iI leave you with a full model shot of this work in progress.

Nurgle Predator Part 2

Mornin. Well Just got out of work and decided to take the time to work on my predator. In this first picture you can see the first basecoat of “Orkhide Shade”. I covered the whole model in that first coat, with the exception of what is going to be black or silver or gold, or any sort of metallic color for that matter.

I then dry brushed the whole model with “Knarloc Green”, followed by “Rotting Flesh”.Extra rotting flesh was applied to areas with boils and growths, to make them “pop” more. After that I painted the boils, and skulls with “Dheneb Stone”, followed by a wash of “Ogryn Flesh”.

Then I washed the whole model in Ogryn Flesh to give it a very earthy and dirty feel. Lets face it, Nurgle is the God of Death and decay. His followers should look as such. I think its looking adequately disgusting so far. I still have quite a bit to go on this but I think the progress is coming along quite nicely.

Nurgle Predator

Well its that time of the month again. Time to start my Freebootaz Monthly Painting Challenge. This month is supposed to be a heavy support choice. So I’ve decided to repaint my Chaos Predator. I have been repainting my Whole Chaos army in a Nurgle/Death Guard scheme. It was painted Black Legion, but it was painted quite along time ago, and I was not nearly as skilled in painting then. So I’m attempting to give this army a new lease on life and bring it up to par with my more recent works. It’s Just Primered so far, so it certainly has a long way to go lol. As you may be able to see, I have also embellished this model with a little green stuff love. I have given the tank boils and growths to make it look more “corrupted” or “Chaotic” and much more “Nurgley”. I think it will give it a very nice look when it is completed. I have to complete it in 2 weeks to get Gold in the challenge. So I better get going on it!