Let them rain down cleansing fire!

So just thought I’d give a little glimpse of the purifiers that I have been working on for a week or so now. Painting white is a real pain, but I love how it looks when done right. So needless to say, I’m really excited to finish this squad, not only because I wont have to paint white for a while… But Ill, have a nice completed 5 man unit of purifies to use next 40k Saturday.


Project: Inquisitorial Henchmen

Well, it’s been a whole 10 mins since I posted last, but, like I said, I’ve been a hobbying madman, so I have a lot to share. My day has mostly been comprised of painting my Inquisitorial henchmen. I have 6 done so far and I have 4 to go. When the unit is finished it will be, 4 warrior acolytes with hot shot lasguns (stormtroopers), 1 mystic, 4 Psykers, and 1 servitor with a multi-melta. I like the tactic of using the psykers, I have no idea how it will play on the table, but I’m very interested to find out. It has the potential to cause a lot of havoc, for both sides…

Grey Knight Side Project

So I’ve been a hobbying madman the past two days and one of the things I took a little time out to do today was make a model for Grand Master Mordrak. I like the fluff on this character, and I like the idea of fielding him in my army. Of course along with a squad of ghost knights to accompany him. Which I have yet to buy, and probably wont for some time. But, anyway… I made him out of one of my old metal grey knight terminators and added the arms from the new plastic sprue, and made a scenic base for him. Nothing special, but I think the posing came out very well. I really think he will stand out when he is fully painted. Plus along with a squad of ethereal looking terminators? It will be quite the showcase unit! And If you’re asking, “Whats all that blue on his daemon hammer?” Give me a break it fell into a paint pot… the detail’s still there, you’ll never know once he’s painted.

Grey Knights Dread Completed

Hello again.

So I have recently completed my first grey knights dreadnought (the one with the dual twin linked auto cannons) I am extremely happy with how it’s come out. I’m really loving my decision to go with a red color scheme for my vehicles. I think it really makes them stand out on the battlefield. Here are some work in progress shots and final shots.

Inquisitor Completed

Hello again, I have finally made the finishing touches on my Inquisitor and Photographed him properly. I have really gotten back into the swing of grey knights and I’m really enjoying them again. Overall, I’m satisfied with how this model came out…but honestly not ecstatic about the finished product. Not sure what my problem was with this guy, but it just seemed like the paint just wouldn’t take how I wanted it to.  Also, I feel like my Camera is acting up but that may be all in my head….What do you think? I’m open to criticism.

Razorback Finished, And The Grey Knights Prove Themselves in Battle!

Hey there. So I Finished The Razorback I was working on. I had a hell of a time trying to get just the right red, but I did end up finding a good shade that I felt worked well with the scheme I was going for. One very important thing that you may notice from the pictures, is that I’ve decided to make my tanks very battleworn. I’ve never done any battle damage before so I thought it would be cool to do these vehicles like that.  I really Like how it came out.

And one another note. I had a game with my friend Bill on Friday against his Blood Angels. And I of course used my Grey Knights. I was greatly impressed with them. The paladins held their own through one hell of a close combat, before being finished off by Mephiston and the Sanguinor. And the Rifleman Dred worked wonderfully. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. It wasn’t a one sided game at all though. It was very even the whole way through. The game ended on turn 7 with the score being 10 to 9 Kill Points.  So it was very close.  All in all I think I will greatly enjoy playing this army in the future.