Side track

Hey there, Just thought I’d throw in a post about my Imperial Guard Army that I am slowly working on. Its going to be a Mix of Death Korps and Cadians. The reason for that is, well, a bit of a story. About 4 years ago I bought about $700 worth of Death Korps from Forge World. That was when I lived at home and had money coming out of my ass. well I don’t live at home any more, and I certainly dont have the extra cash to throw down on more Death Korps. So in an effort to not let this army die, I am supplementing it with regular GW Cadians. I figure I can explain it by just saying It’s a Death Korps army with a contingent of Cadians, or visa versa. I plan on using the codex IG rules anyway, not the actual Death Korps rules. So anyway, what promted me to make this post was that I just got in my Catachan Vox casters in from Bitz Box.

So I know you’re probably thinking, ok so he’s got Death Korps models, and Cadian Models, But he bought Catachan Back packs. Well, I intend to clear that up. It’s quite simple really. Bitz Box was out of Cadian vox casters and I didn’t want to wait till they got back in stock. Simple enough, and they look good on the Death Korps models.

Heres a Little mish mash of the completed Death Korps Models. I currently have one basic platoon fully painted, and thats about it.

And I will leave you with a little Teaser of sorts. This is a Model that I had already painted, but have since, taken apart, with the intent of stripping and repainting. As I said, My painting skills have changed alot over the past few years, and I like all my Models to look as good as the ones I can complete today.