Jumping in to something different

Ive been reading and watching and listening to alot about age of sigmar in the last few months and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge.  On this past Wednesday I had some money burning a hole in my pocket so of course I stopped by my local games workshop store looking to pick up the age of sigmar starter box.  I actually ended up staying there for over an hour talking to the manager?  Idk what his title would be considering hes the one and only guy who works there, ya know with the whole one man store thing. But anyway he played a demo game with me using the starter box stuff thats on display and used for demos… makes sense right? And I had a really good time.  It’s similar enough to 40k for it to not be something totally new but different enough to feel fresh and new.  I really like the static hit and wound characteristics.  That simplifies things alot. The whole warscroll thing is neat. All your info nice and consolidated right there for you.  And of course you can’t forget the awesome new “fantasy” models that not only come in the starter box but all the other new models they’ve come out with in the last year or so.  I love how you can play with points or without.  The games can be small skirmishes or full blown epic battles.  Now what army do I plan on choosing to start off this endeavor?  Well thats the hard part, sort of… the box set comes with stormcast eternals and the khorne bloodbound, so I will probably end up going with one of those for simplicitys sake, and because those would probably be the ones id choose anyway.  I’m leaning towards the bloodbound because I really like painting red and I dont get that many chances to do that.  Plus the models are awesome and there are a ton of choices.  There are for the Stormcast as well so thats not a great example.  Im still a bit torn.  So ill probably paint up both forces and see how it goes.  I love both armies so its going to be a tough choice… I’ll get it figured out.  But anyway just thought I’d put my thoughts out there, and you can look forward to some posts about some age of sigmar hobby progress.  I’ll probably start the mighty lord of khorne first just because as cool as Vandus Hammerhand is on his dracoth, there’s just something about that khorne lord holding back his pet flesh hound as its jumping up ready to rip someone’s face off. 


Getting back in the swing of things


So its been 2 years since I’ve made a post… and honestly its pretty much been the same amount of time since I’ve really painted much of anything. Over the course of the past couple years where this blog has gone dark, that Stormraven you saw last, has seen a few games, and I’m happy to say it is rightly feared by my opponent(s). But enough about the past(As nothing has really happened in it in terms of hobbying or wargaming…

Lets move on to where I am today. About a month or two ago I got the itch back to paint and play on a more regular basis. And To be honest, I’ve been killing it. I’ve torn through a good amount of minis, and if you can see from the above picture you may notice I’m revamping that old Marneus Calgar and honor Guard squad, ya know, cuz I’m insane and can never just leave stuff alone… But seriously, they are looking more up to par with my newer stuff, so I’m happy with em.

As for what the future holds, I’ve obviously decided to start posting hobby progress again, and maybe even some blurbs about he games I play. They will probably be pretty dull, as I really only have one opponent I could regularly play with, unless ya know, I go out and socialize with people at my local gaming store, but lets face it… that’s probably not gonna happen… But who knows.

I’d like to do a post a week maybe? Lets see how that pans out, and if my budget can support that much content… It may just be me painting the ridiculous back log of older minis I’ve been hanging on to for what seems like forever.

So I’ll leave this post with a few snap shots of whats been keeping me busy over that last couple months, Hope you enjoy. Thanks,

So Remember when I started painting those space marines?


Well, I know it may seem like a lifetime since I’ve done anything 40k, or painting, or hobby related at all. And I assure you that is almost entirely true. World of Warcraft gripped my attention away again, and stole me away from my true hobby, which is of course 40k… Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE world of warcraft, but its just not 40k… And Blizzard is a little boring on the content right now with Warlords of Dreanor on its way… (BTW, Totally leaving 40k for a while when that bitch comes out…)

Anyway, on to what I’m working on, So to get myself back into the swing of 40k I always find I need to get something shiny and new. Now in this case its not something necessarily new to the 40k scene but it is something I’ve been meaning to get for a while, and I feel it will be fun to paint. That model being the good ole, plastic Space Marine Captain. So I’m going to put this bad boy together and get going on it. I will of course post Pictures of WIP and the finished project.


6th ED Incoming!

Well…I wouldn’t feel like a real 40K blogger without posting something…anything… about the near release of Warhammer 40,000 6th edition… So here is my weak attempt at that… I can’t wait! And as much as I want it to come, I don’t want it to… I say this because, I feel like I have just finally wrapped my head around the 5th Ed rules, (and I still get them confused with 3rd…and 4th Ed rules, as my cousin Dave reminds me…alot…) and I’ve got a comfort with them that I haven’t felt since highschool when 3rd Ed was out…I know that for the most part, everything will be very similar, but from all the rumors I’ve been reading, there will be quite a few changes. I am still optimistic that GW wont screw us over, and I’m sure it will be great fun to play. But I still have that tension of learning and memorizing all the new little changes and charts and whatnot that goes along with a release like this… I Am hearing that The new box set will consist of Eldar, and CSM, so that is above awesome, as those a re two armies that I play. And CSM and Eldar will be a couple of the first 6ED codices, which is super cool. Right now, my biggest dilemma is choosing whether I want the gamers edition of the rulebook, or the collectors edition of it… I’m leaning towards the gamers edition as it comes with a cool satchel and dice and stuff. I’m a bit upset at the cost…but whatever… If your interested in more detailed info about the upcoming 6ed rules check out Belloflostsouls, they have some great posts about this long awaited release.

Storm Eagle gunship incoming!

So if your not subscribed to the forgeworld newsletter you are missing out for one… But if you are you have most likely seen the new storm eagle gunship!


This is one hell of a cool model. I will say that it totally looks like a kit bashed stormraven, but I don’t care. It’s awesome nonetheless. The experimental rules seem interesting as well. Now it has a very similar stat line to the stormraven but has a few different weapon options and a much higher transport capacity. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure this was a predominately pre-heresy ship. I know there was one ship that was smaller than the thunderhawk that was widely used during the great crusade, and I’m pretty sure this is it. ( I just dont have the patience right now to skim through my Horus heresy novels and try to find the name.) but I’m pretty sure this is it. It’s going for about 160.00 us dollars so it’s a bit pricey but compared to other kits from forgeworld it’s almost a steal. Check it out on forgeworld’s website it’s finally added to the new stuff section.