A Return to 40K, and Putting AoS on hold…

So the inevitable has happened, I have decided to put some of my AoS stuff on hold for a while. With the New Edition of 40k here and all the new goodies out for the new Primaris Space marines, I just really couldn’t resist putting them together and painting them. I had been kinda losing steam with my AoS stuff as I seemingly have a very short attention span when it comes to painting similar models in quick succession. So I foresee me going back to them in a few months or less. But I’m really excited to start my Dark Imperium Box Set today, so lets see how this goes.

Hopefully I’ll have some Pictures up on Instagram later.


Winter Assault.

This will be a short and to the point post seeing as how im away in Maryland for work this week. 

So this past weekend my wife and I took a trip to my cousins house down in jersey to see the family and play a bit of warhammer. Thought I’d share some pictures of the game.  It was between my ultramarines and my cousins tau.  It was a really fun game and I got to try out Guilliman for the first time.  He took a rediculous amount of fire and eventually was taken down, unfortunately before he was able to get into close combat.  Even he had a hard time weathering the “storm” of my cousins stormsurge.  Take a look!

Jumping in to something different

Ive been reading and watching and listening to alot about age of sigmar in the last few months and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge.  On this past Wednesday I had some money burning a hole in my pocket so of course I stopped by my local games workshop store looking to pick up the age of sigmar starter box.  I actually ended up staying there for over an hour talking to the manager?  Idk what his title would be considering hes the one and only guy who works there, ya know with the whole one man store thing. But anyway he played a demo game with me using the starter box stuff thats on display and used for demos… makes sense right? And I had a really good time.  It’s similar enough to 40k for it to not be something totally new but different enough to feel fresh and new.  I really like the static hit and wound characteristics.  That simplifies things alot. The whole warscroll thing is neat. All your info nice and consolidated right there for you.  And of course you can’t forget the awesome new “fantasy” models that not only come in the starter box but all the other new models they’ve come out with in the last year or so.  I love how you can play with points or without.  The games can be small skirmishes or full blown epic battles.  Now what army do I plan on choosing to start off this endeavor?  Well thats the hard part, sort of… the box set comes with stormcast eternals and the khorne bloodbound, so I will probably end up going with one of those for simplicitys sake, and because those would probably be the ones id choose anyway.  I’m leaning towards the bloodbound because I really like painting red and I dont get that many chances to do that.  Plus the models are awesome and there are a ton of choices.  There are for the Stormcast as well so thats not a great example.  Im still a bit torn.  So ill probably paint up both forces and see how it goes.  I love both armies so its going to be a tough choice… I’ll get it figured out.  But anyway just thought I’d put my thoughts out there, and you can look forward to some posts about some age of sigmar hobby progress.  I’ll probably start the mighty lord of khorne first just because as cool as Vandus Hammerhand is on his dracoth, there’s just something about that khorne lord holding back his pet flesh hound as its jumping up ready to rip someone’s face off. 

Ok So it wasn’t that bad….

I had been putting off building this model because it looked really spiky and intricate. Now I usually don’t shy away from building models, This one had just rubbed me the wrong way…

Now with that said… was it that bad to build? No. Did I really have to pay attention to the instructions? For sure! Every piece goes exactly where it needs to. So you really have to pay attention.

So here you go Bill, Have fun Painting this piece!  Haha

Bill, This one’s for you!

Hope you’re reading this today Bill, I know I’ve had this model for roughly a year now… I know, I’ve had it so long I’ve forgotten when you actually gave it to me to put together haha.

Anyway, As I am always reminded of how shitty I am for not putting this model together in such a long period of time, I’ve decided that it will be today’s project. And then I’ll finally be free from shit talking haha.

So here it is in it’s 2 Box form ready to be broken out and assembled. Here goes nothing, Time to start building the Exalted Chariot of Slannesh!


A Necron For My Cuz

So, I offered to paint up a model For my cousin Dave, and he gave me his Necron Special character, Nemesor Zahndrekh to piant up.

I think he’s going to really like it. I do, I think he came out fantastic. I got to use some techniques I am not so familiar with and I got to paint something other than Blue space marines, which to be completely honest I’m getting really burnt out of… So It was a good distraction. Hope you like it Dave. I’ll have a hard time killing him in game now that I’ve painted him haha. And Great job on the base Dave, I cant take credit for that, I painted it yes, but the design was all you.


Marneus Calgar And Honor Guard

Ok, Ok, I didn’t just paint these. They have been done for about 6 years now. Wow how time flies… And surprisingly, they look pretty up to date with my current painting style… Not sure if I just did a really good job on them 6 years ago, or I just haven’t gotten any better… I’m going to go with I just did a really good job on them then haha… Anyway, I just decided it would be a good time to re base these to match the rest of my Ultramarines force that I’ve been working on. Quick, Simple, But now I have some eye candy to post today. So for your viewing pleasure. I present The Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, the Lord Of Macragge, Marneus Calgar, and his Honor Guard.