Skuldrak, Khorgorath Of Khorne

Finally getting around to making a post on this guy. I had a very love/hate relationship with this model while painting it. It bothers me why I can’t figure out how this guys face works… is the skull his face? Or is the skull in his mouth? Are those horns or teeth on his head? So many questions… Anyway, even with all those unanswered questions I still like the model, it looks super menacing and is quite disturbing… Almost kingdom death-like, but yet very recognizable as Khorne. Technique wise It involved a ton of thin layers of different reds to get his skin tone to where I liked it, and I may Matte Varnish him at some point to dull down a few spots. All in all I think it came out the way I wanted. Really enjoying painting the bronze on these models, and I think I’m getting better at it, but still have some opportunities. As for the base I’m really enjoying using the darker flock and baking soda dirt. I think it gives a really nice look. And I’m content with my decision to paint the sides of the base black, I really like the almost outline like feature it gives to the whole model.

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Lord Celestant Vandus Hammerhand

Well my first model from the Age of Sigmar starter box is finally complete. It was a really nice change of pace to paint something that wasn’t Space Marines. I have never really painted a mounted model, with the exception of some bretonians, so it was really cool to paint a cool Dracoth and a mighty Lord Celestant at the same time. I used mostly dry brushing techniques for the Dracoth and the gold armor, with a mix of washes and highlights.  I decided to go with a more verdant landscape as opposed to the thick black/grey gravel that I’ve been using for my Ultramarines. Not too thrilled by how the Stone the Dracoth is standing on came out, but I didn’t want the stone to be grey and blend in too much with the Dracoth.  I think it came out decent. There was a lot of white to paint on this and I used a few different techniques for it, the cape was just Uthuan grey then a highlight of Vallejo white, and the cloth on the Dracoth, and Vandus’ plume were done with a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade and then a layer of Ceramite white on the raised hairs. I like the contrast, I know some people would do a more suddle shadow, but I like the way the dark recesses look, and it makes the hairs pop. All in all I think it was a good start to my entry into Age of Sigmar, and I am super pumped to start on Korghos Khul, The Might Lord of Khorne next. Stay tuned for that. And please feel free to follow me on Instagram as I’ve decided to start posting WIP shot of the Minis I showcase on my Blog. If not you can still see all my completed work here.


Talon of the Emperor

My first Stormtalon gunship is complete. From the second I saw this model I loved it. Its nothing special really, but its just a really cool design.  Very similar to the futuristic gunship style vehicles you see in current movies and such.  So im so happy to have finally picked one up. It was very strait forward to build and even more so to paint.  I’ve got a pretty nice system of painting my Ultramarines vehicles which is basically a ton of drybrushing and then the final details. I basecoated it in Kantor blue.  Then a heavy drybrush of altdorf guard blue, and then a lighter drybrush of calgar blue. Once that is done its just the silver bits and transfers and such. Gets things done fairly quick. You may have picked up on the fact that I said first storm talon.  I dont currently have another one but depending on how this one does in game id like to pick up another to make a storm wrong formation with my Stormraven. Nothing cooler than two gunships flanking a flying landraider tasty to train down fiery death upon my unsuspecting foes. But let’s just take it a step at a time and we’ll see if I end up picking up another one.  You’ll also notice I did a bit more flair on the base for this one.  Id like to go back and So the same to my Stormravens base as well to make them look like the go together, but its not a priority…So here it is in  all is glory.  Hope you like it.

The Shrine of the Bloody Shuriken

I felt that was a fitting name for the shrine these Dire avengers call home, with the red helms and all. I managed to get these completed in a little more than a week. I think I’ve finally managed to get the techniques down to a science. It’ll come in really handy for my next project. I’ve got a nice squad of Dark Reapers to work on. It will be a real challenge, I haven’t really worked with black, so I’ll have to figure out something that looks good.  Still debating on how I want to paint them, I really liked the scheme in the codex with the turquoise/blue guns. I’ll have to think about it.


Back in the swing of things!

First: Yes I did eventually get my 6th ED rulebook.

Second: Yes I did drop off the face of 40k for quite a while!

Third: Well I’m back! And got plans for the future.

So with that said, Here what I’ve got going on… I just ordered the dark Vengeance box set(finally, better late than never) and the new Chaos Codex! I’ve got some conflicting ideas now. Obviously as you know I play a death guard Army and I’m very interested to see the changes with the new codex. I have not looked around the web for much info on it, so everything(well almost everything) will be completely new news to me. So i’m exited for that. The conflict comes with what exactly I want to work on… I love the look of the chaos models that come in the started box now! But I’m not sure if I want to paint them in my usual Death Guard scheme. I say that because I have been reading Soul Hunter the past few days and I kinda want to paint them in a Night Lords scheme. And with all the awesome Dark Angels models that come with it I could even work on a Dark Angels army, I still have about 4 Tactical squads worth of marines that still need to be assembled and painted…Why not DAs? So I don’t know, Ill have to give it some thought…codex chaos dark vengeance

Dreadknight Envy

Just something I stumbled across this morning while perusing the Games Workshop site…

Simply Amazing… GW should Hire this guy as a model designer.

“Javier González won the Warhammer 40,000 Large Model category with this Nemesis Dreadknight conversion. What we really loved about the model were all the subtle little changes that Javier has made to the kit. Not only has he crafted a huge Gatling Psilencer (okay, so that part of the conversion isn’t very subtle), but he’s mimicked the pose of the walker with the pose of the pilot and repositioned the legs to make the Dreadknight appear to be striding forwards into battle.”  – Games Workshop

True Talent … ‘Nuff Said.